Radhey Shyam kaushal

M.Tech. Bioinformatics
Senior Research Fellow (CSIR-SRF)
Bioinformatics & Structural Biology
Indian Institute of Advanced Research

Tel: 91-79-30514151, 08140014169
Fax: 91-79-30514110
E-Mail: radheykaushaliiar.res.in

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Indian Institute of Advanced Research,
(Puri Foundation for Education in India)

Institutional Area,
Gandhinagar - 382007
Gujarat, India.

Topic of Research: “Bioinformatics, Biochemical, 3D-Structural and mechanistic studies on putative virulence factors from Leishmania species.”

Leishmaniasis is responsible for a high morbidity and mortility burden particularly in developing countries. It is caused by various species of Leishmania like L.donovani, L.major etc. and can manifest in cutaneous, muco-cutaneous or visceral forms. The causitive agent has a digenetic life cycle; in alimentary tract of insect vector and another one in the phagolysosomal compartment of mammalian phagocytes. Attachment of the macrophage membrane to the parasite is mediated through different types of virulence factors like GP63, lipophosphoglycan (LPG), other fucose and mannose containing glycoconjugates etc. on the Leishmania surface and they are important virulence factors. In this study we propose to do bioinformatics, biochemical, 3-D structural studies on putative virulence factors like GP63, Amastin, Kinetoplastid membrane protein, and Kinases, etc. from Leishmania species. This study will help us understand the molecular basis of pathogenesis of Leishmaniasis better and aid in development of specific modulatus.