Puri Foundation for Education in India


Puri Foundation for Education in India:

Puri Foundation for Education in India is a philanthropic organization setup by Mr. Nath Puri, for development of education and research activities in India and it has setup Indian Institute of Advanced Research (IIAR) and International School for Leadership (ISPL) in Gujarat sate.

The government of Gujarat had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the UK based-Puri Foundation for Education to set up a Research and Development Institute for Biotechnology in the state and as a result Indian Institute of Advance Research (IIAR) ame up at Koba, Gandhinagar as a first-grade research center to attain excellence in research and education in areas of biology and bio-technology.

Mr. Nath Puri, the founder of Puri Foundation, is an eminent Indian industrialist based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, who established the Puri Foundation. Mr. Nath Puri is a self made person who has risen from a remote rural  area of Punjab to become an eminent entrepreneur running a highly successful business enterprise based in UK. The desire to do something back home for the motherland inspired the vision to create world class research institutes in India.