Kishu Ranjan


M.Sc. Biochemistry

Cell Biology Lab
Indian Institute of Advanced Research

  Tel: 91-79-30514241
Fax: 91-79-30514110
Mail Address: Indian Institute of Advanced Research,
(Puri Foundation for Education in India)
Koba Institutional Area,
Gandhinagar - 382007
Gujarat, India.
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Mentor: - Dr. Chandramani Pathak


Research Interest:- Apoptosis is a key mechanism regulating various physiologic events including maintenance of tissue homeostasis and the defense against infectious disease and cancer. There are two pathways in mammalian cells: the extrinsic and intrinsic pathways. The extrinsic pathway is initiated by any one of the cell surface death receptors, which are the members of TNF-receptor (TNF-R) family. Stimulation of these receptors results in clustering of the receptors and leads to recruitment of Fas associated death domain (FADD) and cause the receptor proximal caspase 8 to become activated upon recruitment to the death inducing signalling complex (DISC). Active caspase 8 dissociate from DISC and activate caspase cascade, resulting in the execution phase of apoptosis. The intrinsic pathway is triggered by cellular stress signals which alter the integrity of mitochondrial membrane and finally leads to cell death.

Recently it has been shown that cellular FLICE/caspase inhibitor protein (cFLIP), a part of DISC, is crucial for modulation of cell death signal, inhibiting procaspase 8 processing at DISC. cFLIP play an important physiologic role in rescuing cell from death receptor mediated apoptosis and account for the development of malignant disease. However, the expression and biological function of CFLIP in tumor cell has not been well elucidated. Therefore, to gain insight into the biological role of cFLIP in malignant cells,my interested is  to decipher the function of cFLIP and its regulation in apoptosis.