About The Department

Bioinformatics & Structural Biology Department


I. Projects  

i) Distributed information sub-centre, sanctioned by DBT, Govt. of India
ii) Bioinformatics R&D project on genome analysis of Tritryps, sanctioned by DBT, Govt. of India
iii) Lectin isolation and characterization sponsored by DST, Govt. of India.
iv) In-house grant (Puri foundation).


II. Research activities:   

i) Bioinformatics related:   

  • Creation of adhesion database, plant pathology database and a portal for unique proteins in tritryps.
  • Tools for genome analysis like Protanno, GluD, Alu finder, ANN for protein kinases
  • Genome analysis of tritryps to characterize virulence factors

ii) Experimental:

  • Cloning and expression of virulence factors from Leishmania donovani and their 3-D characterization by X-ray crystallography for determining their mechanism of action.
  • Lectin isolation from natural products like important medicinal plants and their structural characterization and evaluation of therapeutic/diagonostic potential.


III. Publications from Department:

  • Singh, V., Singh D. D., (2008). Leishmania major: Genome analysis for identification of putative adhesin-like and other surface proteins. Exp. Parasitol. 118, 139-145.
  • Singh, DD (2009). Bioinformatics-Structural Biology interface. In Bioinformatics Applications in Life and Environmental Sciences (Fulekar, M.H., ed), Capital Publishing Company (jointly with Springer publishers), New Delhi, 25-33.
  • Singh, DD (2009). Large gene families and drug design. Biobytes 4, 19-21
  • Shankar, R., Kataria, B. Mukerji, M. (2009). Finding Alu in primate genomes with AF-1. Bioinformation 7, 287-288.
  • Heikham, R. and Shankar, R. (2010). Flanking region sequences information to refine microRNA target prediction. J. Bioscience 35, 105-118.

    IV. Poster presentation

  • Bandhopadhya, S., Singh, DD. Comparative structural analysis of MAPKs from humand and tritryps. EMBO lecture series, NCL Pune, November 9-14, 2008.
  • Kataria B, Singh, DD. GluD, a program for calculating sugar distances in PDB files. EMBO lecture series, NCL Pune, November 9-14, 2008


V. Training:

i) Hands-on-training:

May 16-18, 2007

Bioinformatics Training Program

Fifty five participants (Faculty, students,
scientists) participated and lectures given by Dr. Manju Sharma,
Dr. AS Kolaskar, Dr. T Madhan Mohan. Dr. GPS Raghava, Dr. Chitra
Dutta and others and the program included hands-on-training

February 25-29, 2008

Specialized hands-on-training

Six senior faculty members and industry
representatives from outside and students participated. Lectures
by Dr. Jayaram from IIT, Delhi and Dr. BB Chattoo from MS
University, Baroda

December 22-24, 2008

Hands-on-training program

Thirty six (Faculty, students, scientists)
participated and extensive hands-on-training was imparted

November 25-27, 2009

Hands-on-training program

Fifteen (Faculty, students, scientists)
participated and extensive hands-on-training was imparted

ii) Six months masters project:
Eleven students have done their six months Masters project in the Department

iii) Three trainees have been trained in the department who are now developing bioinformatics work at Bhavnagar University, Kadi sarva vishwavidalaya and SDAU.

iv) Two students registered for PhD with Pune University