Plant Cell And Molecular Biology


Dr. Budhi Sagar Tiwari - Associate Professor


Research Activities:

 Plant Tissue Culture


Study of diversity of CAXs: The study of the diversity of secondary transporters, specifically cation exchangers (CAX),  in different plants from diverse families.


DNA barcoding : For documentation of some of the plants of desert ecology, such as, Acacia.


Prospecting of Genes for Oil Biosynthesis and Storage in Jatropha curcas

  •   Screening of available germplasm for stages of active oil biosynthesis and accumulation
  •   Functional analysis of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from the seeds of Jatropha
  •   Isolation of full-length gene(s) of the fatty acid synthesis pathway in Jatropha

  • Genetic Garden: Established with 76 different species of medicinal and aromatic plants collected from different regions in Gujarat.


    Infrastructure Facilities