Short-term training/Final year dissertation project at IAR.

Short-term training/Final year dissertation for M. Sc. (Life Sciences/Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology or any Biosciences discipline)

Short-term training/Final year dissertation project


Candidates desirous of doing a short-term training dissertation project for M.Sc. And/M.Pharm. (Life Sciences/Biotechnology/ Biochemistry/Microbiology or any Biosciences discipline) at IAR, Gandhinagar in area of Vaccine and Infectious Diseases may please drop an email at along with their resume.

candidates will be further intimated. There will be a fees charged for doing the project at IAR, Gandhinagar.

The training scope will be in the following areas but not limited to:

Bioengineering bacterial and mammalian cells for therapeutic protein production, Peptide/Epitope Vaccine development, DNA Vaccine, Basic biochemistry and molecular biology techniques, cell-culture techniques, etc.

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Dr. Priti Desai,
Assistant Professor, Microbiology
Tel no.: +91-79-30514232
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